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Coverage throughout your home. Extender wireless 1Gb
01-10-2019 10:00

The 804Mesh offers the following key features, how does it work ? and how can you install it ?

Extremely User-Friendly Installation - The subscriber pairs the 804Mesh to the Gi- gaCenter or GigaHub by initiating the WPS feature on both devices at the same time. The GigaCenter (or Gigahub) and 804Mesh begin the pairing process and once com- plete, discovery, configuration, and synchronization steps are completed automatically. Wi-Fi Backhaul Signal Strength - The 804Mesh has a signal strength bar (Wi-Fi Backhaul LED) to indicate the relative 5 GHz backhaul signal associated with that particular 804Mesh device. Note: When deploying the 804Mesh device, avoid placing the 804Mesh too close to the host GigaCenter or GigaHub. If the signal strength indicator has 3 Green bars illuminated with 1 Red bar, it means the 804Mesh is too close to the GigaCenter/ GigaHub. Calix recommends placing the 804Mesh at a distance such that 2 or 3 green LEDs are lit. Lastly, if only the 1st signal bar flashes, it indicates the 804Mesh is too far from the GigaCenter/GigaHub and the performance may be less than expected. For advanced user, the 804Mesh can be configured as an Ethernet Wireless Access Point (WAP) with an Ethernet cable (not provided) connected between a GigaCenter/ GigaHub and the 804Mesh. While using Ethernet WAP use case, the Wi-Fi Backhaul LED will not be lit indicating the 804Mesh is under Ethernet WAP control.