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Products and services for companies
Now it doesn't matter where your company is to get the most out of your communications and choose the guaranteed flow rate through fiber or professional radio systems.
Internet Wimax
This service is aimed at companies that consider the Internet as a critical factor for their business. It is a guaranteed and symmetrical service for your company, with commitment of SLA (Service Level Agreement) service levels.
Internet Fiber
Fibwi designs and installs custom VPN for each company. We obtain encrypted networks that are easy to configure and maintain, in which topology changes can be managed using the usual route distribution protocols in IP networks (e.g. BGP). In addition, our network is highly efficient, with high performance and low network latency levels, typical of networks that do not need to run route calculation algorithms on each node through which the information transits.
Virtual private network
Never a landline was so dynamic, you just need an internet connection to establish a tunnel with Fibwi and have a ringtone with which you can make and receive calls. Your line will now allow you to keep your number even if you change your home, city or country.
Fibwi mobile phone offers you company plans and bonuses. We will attend your needs and create a personalized plan for your company.
What is a PBX Phone System? PBX stands for “Private Branch Exchange,” which is a private telephone network used within a company. With our PBX you can access the panel and perform all the functionalities.
Virtual PBX
Now it doesn't matter where your company is to get the most out of your communications and choose the guaranteed flow rate through fiber or professional radio systems. The double condition of Fibwi as an operator and as a hosting provider allows us to propose services including the Fibwi CPD as another node of the client's virtual private network, centralizing the Internet connection and outsourcing the technical infrastructure, which allows companies to decrease your fixed costs and increase the availability of your services, thus increasing your productivity.
Manager services
The wireless automation solutions developed by Prophase Electronics for Fibwi are designed to have more manageable hardware and easier data collection. Giving users the ability to turn several devices on or off or make changes without the need to be physically there is the best solution to save time and money. In Fibwi we present the future!
Wireless solition
The point-to-multipoint link is ideal for municipalities, also recommended for university campuses and corporate locations with numerous buildings scattered over an area of significant size.
Multipoint link
The point-to-point link is ideal for institutions, municipalities and companies. It can be used to remotely connect office buildings. Designed as an integrated system that is simple to install and does not require external protection boxes, cables and other accessories, which represents an economical solution for wireless projects. The point-to-point link can work as a main segment of broadband network for hotspots, outdoor applications such as access points and RRB (rapid response broadband) switches.
Point link
A Hotspot can be installed in any place where there is public access to a wireless broadband network through a WLAN. Hotspots are ideal in restaurants, train stations, airports, bookstores, coffee shops, service stations, department stores, supermarkets and other public places. Many schools and universities have wireless networks on their campuses and a hotspot can help them regulate internet access.
Hotspot & Wi-Fi Zones
The advantage of this network is that all users and devices adhere directly to the wireless backbone and integrate seamlessly into networks within buildings, vehicles, fixed and mobile cameras, VOIP telephone systems, gunshots detectors.
Public security